A Euro Epicure

Where in Auckland do you instantly think of when you say; It’s Bluff Oyster Season. Yup Euro Restaurant – Bluff Oysters are only found in Chile and New Zealand And we’re lucky enough to have them in season for 5 months between March & July. This means plentiful and cheap. Most top seafood restaurants have specials on for a couple of months over this time but Euro takes the cake.  One dozen Bluff Oysters for just $19.95 from Sunday to Wednesday. Make sure you get in between these days, otherwise you’ll be forking out $60 Doz, Steep. Pair with a crisp dry white or champagne and and you’ll be sitting pretty for the afternoon.

If you don’t like Oysters sad face try their Grass-fed beef tartare, smoky egg yolk, purple haze and radish ($22) or the Savannah eye fillet, charred broccolini, glazed sweetbreads, broccoli purée ($44) for a decent piece of red meat and always; order a side of shoestring fries.





All words & images  David Grr

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