The perfect white sneaker

White sneakers are to me, like water is to fish just an everyday normality.  Ever since I can remember white shoes were my staple, whether they were white on white Converse or Vans Old Skools or Stan Smiths they were always white. Fast forward a few years and I invested in my first pair of Common Projects, the famous Original Achilles. I wore these religiously for a long time. Wearing a shoe that costs upwards of $500 the continuous replacement became in issue. This is when I found ETQ Amsterdam, rather ETQ found me through the Uk’s premier lifestyle retailer 

I wouldn’t say I’ve found the perfect minimal pair but ETQ Amsterdam comes pretty damn close. ETQ  grew out of the belief that one should pay for the quality of a sneaker, rather than its name. The shoes are chunkier and more solid than similar sneakers but they keep their shape and the silhouette is a cleaner updated version of a tennis shoe. Because of this slight chunkiness and having more of a rounded toe than the Common Projects they are more versatile when it comes to what pants you can wear. You can literally wear anything. I’ve worn them with ankle grazing pants, to pinrolled wax denim and even chucking them on with a pair of neoprene trackpants.

Now for the fun bit, the price. While still slightly more than your average sneaker, it’s fairly priced at around $350-$390.00 nzd. Opumo‘s verdict “Form follows function at its very zenith.”  I’d check them out if I was you – Shop online at 


ETQ000Kedecc in the White Low 3 Sneaker $380 nzd
ETQ002Myself in the White Low Top 1 Sneaker $350 nzd

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All words & images  David Grr

Props, photographers own. ETQ White Low 3’s & ETQ’s White Low Tops 1’s featured above.


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