This is not a Fashion Blog.
This is a lifestyle documentation and photography portfolio to accompany the Instagram account David Grr Everything you see on this site is happily my own work.

I was slow to the draw and invested in an iPhone years after everyone else. I bought it purely to start an Instagram because at the time Blackberry did not support the app. My background is photography; 10 years of it. Specialising in clean, well lit, structured photos. I’ve unsuspectingly taken on nordic influences as reference points to my shooting, White is Right, as my motto would have it. You won’t see much colour in my work, I’m noted for my monochromatic take on the world but that doesn’t mean I won’t work with colour it’s just not my métier.

As luck would have it, Instagram took a veneration to my account www.instagram.com/davidgrr while living in Sydney, Australia and over the last couple of years they’ve featured my work and hustled me on board for different projects. Fast forward a couple years, a thousand collaborations, assignments and international jobs later and I have a strong following of 85,000 + last time I checked.

Another project I co-manage and own is TWOPOINTBLK a new creative agency. A fellow influencer and instagram giant Kedecc and I decided to become a creative duo.

We concluded that as well as being the two of the biggest male influencers in the country we could be even stronger if we worked in a team. The agency is a collaborative workplace where companies and individuals can come if they need, Social Media Content, Food/Restaurant photography, Fashion/Lookbook editorials, Product photos or Social Media Management. Kedecc coming from a Fashion & Design Background and myself from a Business, Marketing and Photography background we had all bases covered.

To conclude my preamble, if I had to give myself a job title it would be Photographer, Content Creator and Social Media Influencer. So take me purely on my photos and if you want to work with me drop me a line at david@thegrr.me

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