ASOS #AsSeenOnMe

ASOS is The UK’s largest online fashion and beauty retailer, and they asked me to be a part of their 2016 summer campaign.

The aim of this campaign was to celebrate individuals, their stories and their lifestyles. They chose their favourite influencers from around the globe with great personal style, gave them an allowance to spend on and let them go wild and style themselves how they wished. In return they asked for couple of photos that they would further personalise by illustrating over the top of them by artist Sprankenstein.

They specifically chose me for my clean monochromatic aesthetic and made an exception for me if I didn’t want to be shot I could style my clothes in an environment. In the end they selected a photo with me in it, which for once didn’t look too bad in.

Some of my favourite pieces listed below

ASOS Denim Dungarees In Black – NZD$ 97.49
ASOS Neoprene Coach Jacket With Patch Pockets – NZD$ 109.68
ASOS White Shirt With Mandarin Collar In Regular Fit  – NZD$ 41.43
ASOS Lightweight Harrington With 3/4 Sleeve – NZD$ 85.31








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All words and images Copyright © 2016 David Grr

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